Love my dear

February 16, 2009
By keenan kennedy SILVER, Brentwood, Tennessee
keenan kennedy SILVER, Brentwood, Tennessee
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How could I love thee? I have not a clue
As I look into your eyes of color of blue
Hold me oh enemy I don't care what they say or do
I'll always be yours, so take my hand
And let us dance in the sand.
I've cried, I've screamed yet I make no sound.
Kiss me so I shall taste thy lips until we meet again
When you saw me I got so scared
Why do you love me, oh sweet love
Love looks you in the eye only once and hate bangs on your door.
My door is locked and I'm inside waiting for a light tapping and your voice.
Every night I dream of you and day I think of you and your hand in mine.
I can't help loving you it's so easy.
I'm falling and every time I just see your face lying beside me.
Why do you lay beside me? Your hand on my hip feels so different
Different how I don't know I hold your hands.
You feel my face and say it's ok we will get through this together.
I must know why I fell for you I just did.
I lock my lips to thy lips so that my spirit shall flee.
Sound a Jubilee! Oh as I look thee in the eye I see more than I should
What is the word love even mean? Is it a feeling? Is it a melody of a sweet bird's song?
Everyone tries to change my mind; I just never change it you're the one.
Wake o' silent night cover my face so I shall have a hood to hide my face.
Hurry night come sweetly come quickly so that I shall love you longer
Oh my love has grown for you as our distance grows
My love for you is more beautiful than a rose in winter time.
Your love has pulled me all the sudden like a moon and its home planet
The stars could not be compared to your smile.
As I count the stars I could think of the reasons why I love you.
When you are away from me I feel like a doll without an owner
My hair is perfect my eyes are made of glass yet nobody loves me.
Until you walked into my life I've become a human again.
You broke my curse! O' sweet knight how could I repay thee?
As I look around your image is all over my head.
So why do you love me, my dear? Is this feeling I have with you love?

The author's comments:
this is about love and how it feels to me

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