Dear Friendship

February 16, 2009
By RobynAugust BRONZE, Toronto, Other
RobynAugust BRONZE, Toronto, Other
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Dear friendship,
You were once so simple
you were once so safe.
Now this all feels different,
like something has changed.

Now you're complicated,
I cannot quite see,
why this is so difficult,
it never used to be.

I guess its just because,
now we can be deceived.
Your friends may not be,
the people you believed.

You used to be so nice.
You used to be so fair.
Now you're like a puzzle,
but the pieces just aren't there.

How do we decipher,
the friends that are true ?
We can never know for sure,
thanks to complicated you.

Dear friendship,
Here's what I've decided,
that you are to me.
Here is a true friend,
what I want you to be.

A friend has just one face,
one that I hold near.
They always speak the truth,
so I have nothing to fear.

Friends will always fight,
this I understand.
But the real ones forgive,
and forget what was said.

Friends will always hear you out.
They wont walk away.
With them you speak your thoughts
and say what you will say.

Friends can be difficult,
of this I am aware.
They may look through emerald eyes,
but they will never stare.

Friends will always joke,
but they wont put you down.
They'll say it to your face,
instead of making you go 'round.

A friend may hear rumors,
and wonder if they're true ?
But a real friend will ask,
they wont just accuse.

All in all a friend,
is a person meant to treasure.
They are always there,
through any kind of weather.

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