February 24, 2009
By TashaM BRONZE, Mountain Grove, Missouri
TashaM BRONZE, Mountain Grove, Missouri
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Imagine a rip
The sound piercing dead silence
A scream of pain coming from the

The horrendous sound coming from US

I can't help it that I ruin things
I suppose it's just habit
I just didn't pull back soon enough

Now there's a mess on the floor
shredded paper everywhere
littered on them , words of

frustration and anger
Tape tries to put them back

together, but it's never the


I've always been like this afraid

to get to close
This time I got lost, lost in

those dangerous eyes
Everything I thought would happen

My world shattered and I'm bitter

How good this rip feels, as it

pains you

I never intended for this to guilt

I never intended to hurt you, but

you hurt me first
How much better a job you did as

I'm sorry though, that

you're oblivious

you're not listening

you're just not getting it
And yes I am sorry, that

I'm mean

I'm thoughtless

and that I'm not sorry for

how I feel

As we pick up the ripped bits
Tears begin to swell
If you had read the lyrics on the

This rip would never had happened
I suppose I'm just not that straight forward when it comes to pen and paper

The author's comments:
This is more or less a story of a girl frustrated with wanting to be something more with a guy, not just a guy but one of her good friends. As you read the poem is flipping back and forth of her ripping a peice of paper up containing the words of how she feels for him, and the strong feelings about him not understanding how she feels.

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