Something New

February 23, 2009
By Yannochka BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
Yannochka BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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As I'm sitting here in class,
Bored out of my mind.
I just think of you,
For me your just one of a kind.

You drive me crazy,
You make me laugh.
All my feelings,
Are half and half.

Half wants to kill you,
Half wants to just dream.
Dream about the future,
And cherry ice cream.

But isn't it funny,
How life isn't fair.
I sit here and cry,
And you don't even care.

But it's gonna change,
And it's changing now.
The game is over,
It's your turn to cry.

And don't just there,
Wave goodbye.
I'm starting over,
With a brand new guy.

A guy who makes me,
Laugh and cry.
Oh wait your back,
Please tell me why?

Why can't I,
Just forget you?
Why can't I,
Start with something new?

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