Endless Puzzle

February 23, 2009
I don't know why I am this way.
All of this seems very strange.
I talk, breathe, walk and think.
But why do I do it so differently?
Why does society look at me so wrong?
Would they appreciate it if I were gone?
Everything just seems so strange.
Why do I act this way?

Why don't people understand?
The way I think or the way I am?
What do I convey?
To make people think that way?
They can't see through my eyes.
So why the f--- do they even try?
They just can't understand.
The endless puzzle that remains in my head.

I gaze at the world with open eyes.
Wondering where I will go when I die.
Is there a heaven or is there a hell?
How is someone like me supposed to know?
Are we like a plague in this world?
A black mark in societies' minds?
I no longer wish to think this way.
This is not how I will live my life.

I will accept myself for who I am.
All these responsibilities in my hands.
For it's with each step in my life.
That I will finish this puzzle, one piece at a time.

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