February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

The raindrops echo as they fall one by one. The rooms are empty. The halls are empty. I run through them barefoot and the glass cuts my soles. Slipping, I run through the halls, sliding as the floor is slick with my blood. Where am I going? I run through empty halls and my screams echo. The raindrops echo. I run outside. Tears of rain fall down my face. Tears of pain run down my hands. What am I doing here? I begin to fade. I echo. They call out. Their voices echo through my empty self. I am like the empty halls. I stand still in a sea of motion. Moving, slamming, getting to where they need to be. Where do I go? Do I leave a mark? Or am I like a footprint on the wet sand? Tired. Life makes me tired. Should I stop though? I never sleep. I sleep only in my mind. My dreams haunt me. They echo. They echo through my head as I run. I run to escape. I can never escape. Empty smiles, empty glances, empty halls. Even when filled they echo. Everything echoes.
I echo.

The author's comments:
I wrote this at a time when it felt like school, life, everything was draining the life out of me until nothing was left.

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