February 23, 2009
By laurennadoresyou BRONZE, Lenexa, Kansas
laurennadoresyou BRONZE, Lenexa, Kansas
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When I arrive to my turquoise home away from home,
the soft, warm sand invites me to stay.
The salty sea air lightly touches my face.
It brings me to a place where I know God is real.

The mighty waves crash upon the shore,
and leave me feeling smaller than ever before.
The ocean is where I am free to be me;
I can relax and listen to the music of the waves.

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on Mar. 9 2009 at 1:41 am

I absolutely loved that.

It's probably one of the best i've ever read. I wish you could favorite poems on here. I truly loved this, and i could feel how you "felt". I always get so excited when people recognize God in their poems. That was gorgeous! Thank you, truly.

Would you like to read any of mine?

( )

My favorites are Aisle of Light and We Know.

Awesome job!


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