Dark Love

February 23, 2009
As I took my seat, I felt numb and lonely
For this class never presented anything of interest.
All of a sudden, I see you enter and for a moment, light encases me.
At first, I try to helf myself at a distant and stay aloof, but you didn't let me.
You kept turning back and you kept intervening with my conversations.
At that point, I really began to fight myself cuz I couldn't stand anymore pain or heartbreak,
But the moment you turned and flashed me a smile, I fell.
I fell into such a deep and dark abyss, that I lost myself completely!
Now, I could fight no longer cuz you made me fall hard for you,
And yet, you only seem to be toying with me.
You made me fall for you and now,
There are days when you made me happy,
And then, there are days when you wound me more.
After that, I only suffered more.
The night that I talked with you, late into the dusk, I got to know more about you.
At first, I wasn't so sure about you, but at that moment, I felt as if I knew more about you than before.
Now, I feel as if I am even closer to you, but for that,
I suffer more than ever before.
Captivated by your past,
Bound by your present,
And interested in your future.
Honestly, after I knew more about you, I have only come to love you more,
And for that, I suffer more and more everyday.
Now, all I can say is'
I Love You
I'll Suffer For You'

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