My Fun, Goofy, Close Friends

February 23, 2009
By Kaity-Lynn SILVER, Lindsay, Oklahoma
Kaity-Lynn SILVER, Lindsay, Oklahoma
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We're as tight as a pair of skinny jeans
We don't need a stupid boy by any means
We Tell about all our crazy dreams
We go together like bugles and squirt cheese
We're each other's alter egos, evil twins, second selves

Go see horror movies
Pointing and shouting at the screen
We always put the other one at ease
Have nicknames like cootie queen

Silly but intense nerf gun fights
Paint cool designs on each other's nails
Make one another reach new heights
When we tell our crazy tales,
Want to know every single minute details

Mess with our hair and borrow clothes
We'll never be one another's foes
Look through all the girly magazines
Cutting out pics of cute guys
And gluing them to the exes
Have great come-backs with whip-like quick reflexes
Don't care if we're too immature
When we pull gags, tricks, and pranks
We're always up for an adventure
Scout guys out and give them ranks
Thumbs get sore with all our texting
But it kinda gets addicting . . . .

I can be myself with all of you
I never have to pretend
Always have fun with my crew
Anything of mine I can lend
Make chicken noodle soup when anyone of you has the flu
All of them I will defend
We stick together like super-glue
I love each and every friend!

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