The Epitome of Heartaches

February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

I want to forget'
From this undesirable symptom
Stitched with royal thorns
Until it all felt numb.
Toward the part when ice hit.
That's when you knew it's over.
It is the passion of pain.

I'm forgetting'
From an entangled past,
To the future that tortures
All for an absentminded present
Now is an illusion,
That is bound to forget.
It is the abstract of timeless.

I forgot'
The rounds of adversity
Like an everlasting rollercoaster ride.
Only by counting the tempo of heartbeats,
That can measure the rates of pain
On which to equal the reaction
What happen when torment and time collide?
It turns into a timeless epitome of heartache.

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