Ever After

February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Galloping on his royal white horse
over so many ranges of mountains
past by forest of baleful creatures
through the east sea of lost souls.
He came from the kingdom of Traviarm
With powers, looks and charm
Ruling the sun and moon
There's nothing that he doesn't have
But it was optional
he wanted one thing
something he couldn't have
Setting upon a day
he set off to find it.
in eager to be complete
Throughout 10 venturous night
and 11 sullen days.
In one cold winter night,
He came across a mistress
in cloths that looks like rags
which appear to be in slags.
Curling in one corner, with endless spells of sobs
That's never seem to stop
He kindly held her up with words of lasting comforts.
She abruptly look in sight
appear with looks of frights
Unexpectedly she ran
without looking back on lanes
a smile crept on her face.
replaced the looks of fear
Sweeping aside her tears
She knew she had succeeded
in winning over fate.

The author's comments:
It's totally amateur

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