I Write Like the Ocean

February 23, 2009
I write like the ocean
My pen is the waves
Perpetual waves and words
Across a bed of sand or is it paper?
My mind gathers shells
And tosses stones
Or are they ideas
Beginning to grow?

I write like the ocean
I write like the sea
I write in the hopes that
One day
Inspiration will
return to me

I write to remove myself
From a world so mundane
I write myself into a story
Where nothing is the same
Where I live on an island
Palm trees and pen
I write like the ocean
Like the sea
That's where I want to

I live in the city
Bustling and loud
Cars pass by the thousands
No ocean around
The sound Oh the sound
I pretend the sound
Of the cars is the sound of
The waves

I write words of ocean on a
Bed of sand, of my home
Of the sea of cars
And the island of concrete
Where I am in a room
Overlooking the street

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