Speak the Unspoken

February 23, 2009
By Cassi Overland SILVER, Dayton, Texas
Cassi Overland SILVER, Dayton, Texas
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To the day we change
To the night we rearrange
To be a beast in the day
And totally still in the night
Contradicts life though in disbelieve is reality.
To endure love and look away from hate is unlikely but can be possible.
As people agree in this logic
but frown upon such things
As saying such things is unthinkable to say but thinkable to think.
to stay in you mind lingering, Waiting to be said and yet has not enough voice to speak.
To make words true and passionate still with no voice to speak of
For no tune to sing from.
To be Silent as an empty room with bloody water on the floor.
Stand still in silence, in Horror.
The true words,sounds,voices in your head speaks. Screams!
The speech of eternity finally being spoken
The speech awaiting you lips
Wanting the life it owns and needs.
Standing on the podium in a room with silence.
That you can only break.
Voices in your head Screaming.
Your lips making a sound
The sound with true and passionate words. Waiting for LIFE
You Pause
Then you bow
and then.......... They Applause.

The author's comments:
I can be loud and funny and be standing out of the crowd. The most fearful thing is standing in front of many people. I lose my voice and i believe that this poem will help many as i try to capture my fear and let it go in the wind. It is sometimes hard but i the best thing i can do is try to give my words the life it owns

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