Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Do you ever look in the mirror?
What do you see?
Your perfections and your flaws
Watching yourself with praise and disappointment
Do you ever think that someone is on the other side of the mirror?
Watching you and moving with you so you don't notice he or she is there.
I find it lucky to be on the other side
You can be anyone and anywhere you want to be
Where you do not have to be judged or stated in some comment
But when I think about it, it might not be so great
Being trapped in a mirror
You can never look at yourself
You look at someone else
Not seeing you
I can only imagine the depression and anguish
I hear many complain that there eyes are to big
Or there nose is too small or they have too many pores!
And also some think that they are better than every one
Maybe the reason he or she is on the other side is the only way to be truly happy
Would you like to be in the mirror forever?
Be trapped looking at someone who you don't even know
Do you think they like it when you talk in the mirror?
Maybe that makes them feel like they are truly there and not just a reflection.
Where you and yourself is truly shown without any one there to see or judge
Where you act like someone else or sing
Do you love yourself?
That's the question I have been pondering
Do you love yourself?
Knowing that someone is staring at you every day
Thinking that you are lucky
Do you love yourself?
It hard to answer! You can never answer it quickly for if you do that means you don't complain or whine
Maybe we are the ones on the other side
Maybe we should cherish and love
Because maybe, just maybe that being yourself is most wonderful thing in the world
Next time you look in the mirror think for a moment
Do not be afraid because I could be wrong
I could be wrong about many things maybe they do like looking at us because they do know us!
That's the point no one truly knows
You can test it; mutate it, and many other experiments
But there is not an answer for everything, all we can do is guess
And hope that we are right
Now I leave with this question
Do you love yourself?

The author's comments:
i find this poem true and unusually accurate. I do hear many complain and do ask my self do i love me?

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