February 23, 2009
By Kaity-Lynn SILVER, Lindsay, Oklahoma
Kaity-Lynn SILVER, Lindsay, Oklahoma
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Around people I don't know
Clammed up and awkward
Don't know what to say
Mouth gets twisted, tense, and taut
Everything comes out stammering and stuttering
I couldn't even give you the time of day
Sheepish, introverted, and conscious
Can't believe that's me
The shy girl in the corner
Never noticed
Always obscured

Around my goofy friends
Confident and unreserved
Don't need to think before I talk
Just say what I want to
Don't care about the consequences
Laugh for no reason
Burst out into the Barbiegirl song
Quirky sayings like 'I'm so smooth! Just call me creamy peanut butter.'
They like me for who I am
Wacky, kooky, ditzy, daffey, dopey, nutty, and weird
Yep that's me
Go figure

Could you believe that I'm both these girls?
One in the same
Each trait balances the other
Girl doing the chicken dance is also the girl who barely talks
Weird isn't it?
I guess they make up for one another
Equalize and counteract
My own even-steven
A funky proportion
A quirky harmony
A sweet symmetry

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