It's Time To Stop Playing That Role

February 23, 2009
By JdoreDeeana BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
JdoreDeeana BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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As I Lay In Bed
Tears Soak My Pillows
I stand Up To Find A Broken Girl
Looking Into A Broken Mirror

As I Try To Convince My Self
That The Plans Ive Once Had To
Conduct My "want to Be Perfect Life" Are Going to Work Out,

I see Them Crash And Burn Right Before These Brown Eyes.

"Blink Away The Tears

Let Go of all Your Fears

You Have So Many More Years

To Live"

"Don't Pop No More Pills
They Can't Erase The Pain"

"Heavy Rock Metal
Can't Drown Out Those Tears
That You Have been Covering
For All These years"

"Stop Being The Victim"

Is What She Said.

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