Will you Always

February 23, 2009
By Anonymous

There is always that 1 person that will always have your heart
I never saw you coming because I was blinded from the start
I knew that you were the one for me
Sure, for everyone to see

You were like a shooting star that
Shot right in front of me
I wish that everyone was here,
So that they all could see

A diamond in the rough
A piece of my heart
I knew it must be tough
But somehow we fell apart

I'm hoping that you will, always be a part of me
So baby, will you always be my boo?

I don't mean to get all intimate
And say that you are so brilliant
I don't mean to get all bubbly
And tell you that you're right for me

But I don't know how else to explain it
Because my love for you is like a never ending sea
What's true to you and what's true to me is that
You will always be my baby

Now this love letter, is coming to an end
Hoping that we can always be more than friends
So that we may mend, our broken hearts back together
And start back over again.

So will you give me, one more little chance?
To fix the broken heart, so that we may start over again
To fix the things I broke
So that together, we will always mend

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