Confessions Of a Lost Boy

February 23, 2009
By Thomas Fitzgerald BRONZE, Waddington, New York
Thomas Fitzgerald BRONZE, Waddington, New York
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This is a sad sad time in the history of man kind
Let's take a second to look back and rewind
In our past yes we were cruel
But we didn't use other people like they were tools

Today is a day were people must hide
What they believe and what is inside
What kind of world do we live in today
When we have to wish for the pain to go away

All we can do is sit around and say
Tomorrow will be a better day
But will it, will the pain be gone then
Or is hope just something we give to our friends

There are children around us screaming for assistance
We ignore there plea and ignore there persistence
What you do not realize and what you don't see
Is that one day that child will grow up to be me

Ill remember your actions Ill remember that night
Where I prayed for some help and it led to a fight
All I ever wanted was for you to be there
But you took me for granted and said get out of my hair

This is not my fault nor is it my brothers
This is your doing because of your actions towards others
Now I will show you the kindness you gave me
When I asked for a hand you gave me a knee

I know what you're thinking 'Oh no I 'm done'
The next thing I know he will show me his gun
You are wrong father I'm better than you
If you think I'm violent then you don't have a clue

My punishment gives no pain no harm
I will only say I will get off this farm
Someday I will show you that I can flourish
I will make sure this world is not so malnourished

You think this is over but it has only begun
Because from now on I am finally done
I won't take your insults I won't hear you lie
Because I'm better than you and you will see that before that day that you die

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