Over It

February 23, 2009
By s.nichole. PLATINUM, Ossian, Indiana
s.nichole. PLATINUM, Ossian, Indiana
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Each person for themselves
Free will is the power to make a mistake
Its only human
To breathe the air around us
And taste the juice that everyone tastes
Sometimes it makes us sick
Sometimes you make me sick
Wrenching illness
From the pain you've caused
Cover up the bruise and pretend its not there
Given up all faith
Maybe its not meant to be stopped
What is the reason?
everything has a reason
But why do innocent people get tortured
Why do I insist on telling myself youll change when I know you wont
I think of the day we first met
I was fascinated with those bright blue eyes
But you were then, like now, in disbelief of anything close to happy
So maybe it wasn't meant to be started
You cant allow us to work
Because you never had the right job
You won't let me care
Because you never understood compassion
Recently you wont let me heal
Because you keep causing me the scratches
The scars will never fade
A treatment would take them away
But only to be renewed as if it was fresh and innovative
You and I are the sea that now seperates us
Although your punctures are so close
And how many more sleepless nights are to come
Because the only thing I can do now is to quit
Your not willing to make it work
And Im not willing to convince you
Because you're a hung jury
And its over.

The author's comments:
Life is a memory.

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