Why Oh Why

February 23, 2009
By silentlywescream BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
silentlywescream BRONZE, Mattawan, Michigan
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Why oh why
must I lie
within my own mind
tortured by my own kind
silently I cry
wishing I could die
but no pain shall come to me
for unbeknownst to you I'm free

the bonds that held me creak and break
while alone a breath I take
and gasp in pain that I can't feel
for my life has stopped or heeled
for the one that I must love
my heart's encased within a glove

I cannot feel my tortured pain
of love that heals me yet again
for I must cry a frozen tear
and be encased another year
within my lonely tortured mind
for the love I can not find

in my head I forever wait
for her to open the final gate
and allow me to pass
through the arch of golden light
to where my love is lain
for to my sadness she is slain

unto my heart she rise again
I cry eternal in darkness wait
for the light to come upon my soul
and take me where I may be
again with her united we
will live a brand new life

in eternal light we rise
to live in paradise with my surprise
we rise again a brand new being
and we forever sleep
in the moon glow we lay

waiting for another day
yet I am stuck in here
for another year
encased within my life
and yet through all my strife
up I cannot rise
to my demise

I am stuck here waiting
forever waiting
for life to claim of me
and finally set me free

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on Aug. 16 2011 at 2:24 am
Huge_Gamer BRONZE, St Paul, Minnesota
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It was very emotionly moving great job


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