I'll Never Understand Why I Got This Close to You

February 22, 2009
By AmberRae2110 SILVER, Modesto, California
AmberRae2110 SILVER, Modesto, California
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seems like there's always
something more to come
but when we're done talking
I'm left as half of one.
seems like you surround me
With every word you speak.
who would have thought
That you could leave me so weak.
i wish that i can see you
Get inside your head.
because when we don't talk
I'm far much worse than dead.
you never give straight answers
but i always do
and that's the only thing
I cant stand about you.
but it keeps me guessing
And I like mystery.
i get shivers dreaming
Of you whispering my name to me.
god you are amazing
You're like my heroin.
because every time i get you
I have to get more again.
You're my deadly little drug.
You're the cure to all my pain.
i like to dream of us
Standing in the rain.
you can kill me in a second
But you can love me longer.
and after every encounter
It's like we both get stronger.
so kill me, love me
be my enemy or my friend
but just to get to you
I'd do it all again.

The author's comments:
This poem was about this boy that i had been in love with in the 7th and 8th grade and we broke up but still talked to each other and found out that we still had real feelings for each other.

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