February 22, 2009
By kameron15 GOLD, Gilbert, Arizona
kameron15 GOLD, Gilbert, Arizona
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Silk cannot compare to your gentle touch.

Although I may be in love with you, I feel as though I am chasing a lost cause.

I have thrown myself over this cliff and I forgot to pack a parachute.

I'm falling fast and friction is non-existent.

As I continue to speed, gravity pulls harder.

As I may try to hike back up that mountain, I do so without a harness.

And the smallest of nudges have the strength to knock me off of that Cliffside.

And as I'm falling, I'm wondering why I was on the edge of that cliff in the first place.

Was I hoping that I would fly?

Or in the back of my mind, did I know that it was a decision that would surly send me plummeting to the sharp rocks at the bottom.

Whatever the decision, I do not regret it.

Because I would rather know that I could fly, than continue life, wondering.

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