Do you Remember

February 22, 2009
By Katie Walsh BRONZE, Morris, Illinois
Katie Walsh BRONZE, Morris, Illinois
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Do you remember the good old days?
When we would play in the backyard together?
When you would tell me that we would be best friend's forever
What happened to my dream of being best friends forever?
Elementary school came you said I had cooties
But I didn't
Middle school came you thought I wasn't pretty
But I thought I was
When high school came I was your best friend again
But I was in love with you
You just couldn't see it
You came to me one day
And told me you were in love with someone
I tried to be happy for you
But I couldn't
Do you remember that day when I said I loved you?
And you said it back
I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world
To have the love of someone I loved
Ten years later we were sitting side by side
On your car by the lake
You told me something that would change my life forever
Theat you wanted to be with me forever
You asked me to marry you
I said yes
And we married the next summer
Ten years past after that
We had three kids
We were still in love
But then the call came
That day I can't bear to remember
The day the doctor called me and told me
That I had cancer
You were there for the kids
You were there for me
That wasn't enough
I still wasn't strong enough
You asked me if I remembered
The good old days
When we played in the backyard
And were best friends forever
That one sentence helped me
It helped me remember the good old days
That I was strong enough to make it
Through boys being boys
I remembered
And I made it.

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