February 22, 2009
By maddyfitz7 BRONZE, Northborough, Massachusetts
maddyfitz7 BRONZE, Northborough, Massachusetts
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They flocked when you were just a child
A woeful thing, so meek and mild
Trembling at the sounds of wild
Squawking in their house

For every time she locked you in
To punish every single sin
You were soon lost among the din
A trapped and timid mouse

You shrieked and babbled, so forlorn,
Apologies for being born
But with her beatings and her scorn
She put you in her place

The aviary sparked your fear
Those feathered, black-cloaked bodies near
To summon every scream and tear
The crows destroyed your grace

But no one heard you when you sighed
The world was laughing when you cried
They scared your courage, killed your pride
Like sharp beaks slashing through

Today your pain is still their mirth
There is no room to prove your worth
When you are caged inside an earth
That always hated you

Yes, in your eyes, all this I see
The frightened boy you're forced to be
It's just a shame that you're not me
For I have power here

Be still and know I've heard your prayers
Your questions to why no one cares
To save you from your deep nightmares
Salvation's drawing near

Be strong, my love- they're not a threat
Let's show them that we don't forget
Their punishment grows closer yet
We'll steal back our self-worth

Let's pluck their feathers one by one
And clip their wings where we had none
Oh yes, they'll pay for what they've done
When we take back the earth

Imagine all their frightened screams
False courage shredding from the seams
So come, my sweet, fulfill your dreams
Of killing off our prey

We'll block our ears against their sighs
And laugh out loud while the world cries
And watch as all our terror dies
We'll scare the crows away

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