Gotta Keep the Faith

February 22, 2009
Daddy's little girl is what i used to be called
Now I'm just a child who is trying to stand tall

I've concluded that this battle is not meant to be won
Yet it still sits on my heart weighing a ton

Im to that point where I cant hold it in
And because of it I'm growing away from my friends

Sorry is all I can say
but it still doesn't change my mistakes

As I recap on my life
I realize that I i've dealt with allot of strife

One day God will see me through
Even if I am a child who wasn't born in truth

Running out of tears
because I've used so many over the years

My future looks bright
Thats only if I conquer this fight

I need guidance but from who is unknown
All the more reason my feelings will remain un-shown

Forgiving and forgetting without an apology is much harder then it may seem
Especially when it hinders you from fulfilling your dreams

Not giving up just giving in
God i hope that isn't a sin

Walking in the dark
But some how still leaving my mark

I'll continue to trust and believe in the mighty man unseen
And I'm praying he will bless me and wash me clean

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