February 22, 2009
By mrsfergie91 SILVER, Bronx, New York
mrsfergie91 SILVER, Bronx, New York
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Look at little Cindy
what a pity,
to go through life not so giddy.
But that life was told under false pretenses.
She was raised behind these fences,
And eventually lost her senses.
She couldn't take it
and always had a fit.
She wasn't used to it a bit.
A simple change from 1 to 3
She didn't want that to be
and made it clear for us to see.
Cindy, daddy's little girl
stuck in her own little world
was given nothing but diamonds and pearls.
Now she had to learn to share.
Which was our nightmare,
because she claimed it to be unfair.
Our days with her grew long.
Her feelings towards us grew strong,
and she began to fabricate the idea that we did her wrong.
'To pass her time,
so she didn't cross the line
she cleaned in song and rhyme.
Unfortunately that wasn't enough.
She had to act like she was tough,
and became determined to make our lives rough.
So Cinderella called upon her fairy,
who was way too jolly,
and really quite witty.
As Cindy's jealousy
grew uncontrollably
she began to wish quite vividly.
With just one call
Our lives began to fall
because she had wished for it all.
With a blink of an eye
We step-sisters cried
And let out a sigh.
She wished away our beauty.
We were gone just like a movie.
and were no longer cuties.
She then lied
and declared us'
Her ugly evil step-sisters!!

The author's comments:
a poetic twist to the fairytale Cinderella

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