see ya!!!!!!!!

February 22, 2009
so you think
that because im in love
i cant see past your lies
im not stupid
you cant fool me
despite your tries
you think because
i care for you so much
i cant tell you no
that i cant get tough
you think that because im 16
i must be naive
well guess what
this 16 year old
knows alot of things
you think because your sexii
i'll put up with your bull
HA... thats funny
of your self
you must be full
i can do with out your bull
i can do without your lies
and ill be alot happier
when im done with all those cries
im walking out that door
i dont need you anymore
sorry to just up and leave ya
no wait i take that back....
SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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