February 22, 2009
By Maren BRONZE, Adrian, Missouri
Maren BRONZE, Adrian, Missouri
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It's her first time back in almost a year
Her heart starts pounding
As memories of that night come back to her
Her heart stops
She's going to faint
Luckily she calms herself
Closes her eyes and lets her memories come flooding in
Those dreaded memories
The ones she desperately tries to forget
They pour into her
The images, so vivid
There's nothing she can do but relive that night
She remembers how dumb she was
Making her give him a ride home
Knowing that it wouldn't turn out good
But not caring
She pleads with him
Finally he gives in
How stupid she was knowing
He wasn't in the right state of mind
As he drives her home
There having some laughs
Not knowing what was about to become
The worst day of her life
There at the intersection
That she's at now
This is where it gets hard
For these memories
To keep pouring in
This is the part she is afraid to relive
Not knowing if she can take it
But it keeps pouring
For this one and only time
She lets it
At the intersection
He drove out
And she sees the truck
Only seconds before it hits
They slam into the wall
She is in utter shock
She checks herself
Making sure there's no cuts or bruises
To afraid to look at him
Knowing he is not alright
As she looks at him
Her heart slows
Than is pounding like a jackhammer
He is lying against the window
Blood pouring, gushing
But not sure where it's coming from
STOP she screams
Telling her memories to get out
That she wants no more
It was stupid for her to go back
Now this memory is going to haunt her
Tears are falling
She is shaking so bad
She tells herself it's all her fault
She calls herself a killer

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