Alone in the Dark

February 22, 2009
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I was left alone in the dark to die
I sat there for months without as uch as a blink,budg or even a small cry
I was born to die but i never will
I will curs this messed up world im inand I wont rest till I get back at all who hurt me
I won't die so they dont get theyr wish
I will get them backand scew up they're sick minds
like they did mine
I used to be the happiest person in the world
and I could make anyone smile
but I was left in the dark to die...
I didn't I just let the darkness soke in
I became dark
I'm still, and mysterous
I've been told I'm know what rests inside
because of my pail face with soft tears flowing down it has dark hair covering my eyes
the darkness has obzorbed my heart and now its a black hole
I was left alone in the dark to die
BUT I WILL NOT DIE untill I kiss my pain good bye.

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