Natural Decisions

February 22, 2009
I am a leaf.
You are a bird.
You are a tree.
And you are the ground beneath me.
I am a leaf,

flowing with the breeze.
I can't choose, I can't decide
who I'd want with me.
You, you, or you?
You are a bird,

flying toward the sun.
Free as can be,
no destination, no choices to come.
Are you what I want? Are you what I need?
You are a tree,

standing tall and proud.
High above the rest,
overlooking the world through the clouds.
Are you what I want? Are you what I need?
And you are the ground,

low and sad,

always putting yourself down.
Simple to them,
yet complex to me.
But you're not what I want. You're not what I need.
I want the bird. I need the tree,
But how can you choose between a bird and a tree,
when the ground is always lurking beneath you,
saying 'Some day you'll come back to me.'
I don't choose the ground this time though;
I choose you, the bird and you, the tree.
But I am a leaf,
who needs a leaf.
So who will be one for me?
You, my little bird?
Or you, my lovely tree?
Help me decide,

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