This Is To Him

February 22, 2009
By NormaLove BRONZE, Russellville, Arkansas
NormaLove BRONZE, Russellville, Arkansas
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She is bleached with love.
Here, now I will hold you as he
Turns so mean and cold.
You want his pieces but you will get nothing from him
Because morning is just as cranky as he.

Just smile for you know his lies are lying in a field as cold and
Alone as you.

Just take a deep breath.
It'll all be okay.
Just cross your heart and bleed.


My covers are peeling away from my bed, when I'm not in it.
They're welcoming me in.
They want to wrap me in their cotton wings and whisper
Bedtime stories.

But I don't want to sleep when I want to,
But will sleep when I don't want to.

Come here, come here.
Baby, it'll be fine.
You're the sign.

Your fingers are thick, and your face is ignorant.
You're bleeding from the scalp, and that's okay.
I'll talk to you till this all blows away.

My love for you is significant.


You will breathe in my love like
Alcoholic air, like the smell of nude women.

You can't resist.

I'll tell you when you can stop loving me,
So stop making the choices.

Calm down, calm.
It'll be okay!
Just as long as Misery will have his way.

I'll write the rest to you in a letter, so don't forget.

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