Rainbow Cross

February 22, 2009
By Heyleigh<3s@girl BRONZE, Medical Lake, Washington
Heyleigh<3s@girl BRONZE, Medical Lake, Washington
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rainbow is wrapped around my waist
yet a cross hangs from my neck,
sitting in church i tuck in my rainbow,
even though it seems to be tattooed on my forhead.
i fear for my life,
of the people who dont understand,
i seek christ as a listener,
he loves me right?
no, i know he loves me,
so why do i question?
maybe its the screaming kids, out the side of the bus,
who say i shall burn in hell for my sin,
but then i think, god created me this way,
and truely its they who sin, for saying he doesnt love me.
so here i sit,
with a rainbow around my waist,yet a cross hung from my neck,
and i know that when they see me walking,
with christ in my heart,
they will think twice before they question my faith.

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