Keepers of the Forest

February 21, 2009
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She played there in her garden of roses
Drawing beautiful flowers' poses
Now that it was winter, her garden looked depressing
Broken leaves and sticks lay about, for the trees were undressing

She decided to venture to the woods, alone and in the cold
For at the moment, she was feeling pretty bold
She fought against vines, bushes, and holes
As well as soft ground dug up by moles

On and on she walked and skipped
Until she came to a sight that caused her to slip
There in the clearing, with eyes of delight
Were enchanting fairies with wands so bright

Their wings fluttered fervently around
Some of them sang and danced on the ground
Some were high up, twirling in the air
Some tended to their differently colored hair

Their gowns were long and magical; ever so flowing
Their minds filled with dreams of fantasy they were bestowing
Some danced about in the shining waters of the creek
While others put on make-up, powdering their cheeks

Their hair shone so bright, with sparkles sprinkled in them
Their eyes glowed softly like a light to a gem
Their wings brightly colored, and sparkly too
They were all so pretty, even down to their shoes

The girl wanted to join in and be gorgeous and loud
She wanted to know how it felt to drift on a cloud
She took one step forward and then one step back
For the fairies all stopped and looked up when they heard a crack

The girl had stepped on a piece of broken log
And before she knew it, the fairies were gone in the fog
Nowhere to be found, no more of their song
The girl would carry their secret her whole life long

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