My Shell ,My Mask

February 21, 2009
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What it is like to have a shell

Its like being in a dark wet inescapable well

Do you really know what its like

Or you just sitting on the high horse fence and laughing

It hurts when you can't release your real soul

And they have teachers trying to console

But it make you shell a even bigger black hole

I am a person who acts very quiet and don't talk much and seems like she the listener

But in reality I am insane I'm nosy I'm loud and most of all I am a talker

But you don't see that all the time

I may raise my hand answer a question and you think you see me shine

But you seen nothing

Because you know nothing

Just because you my friends or family don't mean nothing

I can put on this mask and hide from this world

But one day that mask becomes heavy all of sudden

I couldn't comprehend why

I started to cry

It keep me safe and I thought I was in danger

I ask why

But then I began to see

I have the mask on but its molding into me

I couldn't deal with that

I had to cut that fat

And leave
My shell mask

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