February 21, 2009
By genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
genevaS. GOLD, Oak Park, Illinois
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when I saw you look like a different person

When I those machines was helping pumping oxygen in and out and sucking your blood I felt heart break

When those brown eyes lost their quirky, nerdy, happy, sometime bully luster
And become something so dull that there was no life in you

You use to stay all night just to play your computer games and fixing things when time was getting boring sometime when you walk you sway

My heart aches so when I saw you in pain when I heard your lungs where filled with blood struggling to live on when you knew its was it was your last day

My heart sunk deeper when I heard that monitor beep and and moms screams and the cries of wife arrggghhh your wife
You choose someone who was work but when I saw the true her its hurt me no it angers me to called her sister

You was some brother
I will miss you and to think there always be one summer without you goodbye Michael Bernard

My brother

The author's comments:
its about my older who is 14 years older han me n died on January 18 , 2009 i miss him so much it hurts

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