Love you?...

February 21, 2009
By AndyTrev BRONZE, Progreso, Texas
AndyTrev BRONZE, Progreso, Texas
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The nicest clothes, brand new phone, fancy TV, and a new car soon.
Everything i could ever want as a teenager right??
All that i want is to not ask what i always ask as i walk away from you.
Love you?...
When i say it i don't state it as a fact i ask it as a question. Is it because I'm scared of you? Is it because you're hard on me because of my brother, or is it because you don't know how to love.
The nicest clothes, brand new phone, fancy TV, and the promised new car doesn't mean anything to me 'til i get the answer i seldomly have the pleasure of hearing.
Love you too mijo(son)
You've told me before, these words, but never to my face only to my back.
I know grandpa wasn't even half the father you are but why do i have to wait for an answer i rarely hear, why can't you say it to my face with meaning.
Why can't you be proud of what I've done instead of riding me over what i didn't.
I know why.....
It's because I'll always ask Love You? like you did with grandpa and wait for a reply with a tear in my eye.

The author's comments:
what inspired me is my dad who i very dearly love with all my heart but he doesn't know how to love me and this is how i feel.
idk if this is poetry so please let me know

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