What is love..

February 21, 2009
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He asked me what love meant to me. And I replied...
Love is, the text message I receive every morning from you, Love is... consistant.
Love is, the fact that you remember every little detail about me, the fact that you can recite all of our conversations- from beginning to end, Love is.. mesmerizing.
Love is, the way we finish each others sentences, Love.. is complete.
Love isn't planned, you can't control it, it just happens, Love.. is unexpected.
It's the way our moans make a rhythmic beat, Love.. is music for the soul.
Love is, the fact that we never get bored, the way we're so intrigued, and always wanting more. Love.. is fascinating.
Love is..
He stopped me, and said .. -Baby, I'm sorry..you're phone cut off, I lost you at "text message I receive every morning"..
Love is patient.

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