Always, Always Together

February 21, 2009
By blondie101 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
blondie101 SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Each second without you
Is another second lost
Just seeing you keeps me going
Whatever the cost

Your simple smile
Makes my heart beat wild
Your warm touch
Makes me grin like a child

Your comforting embrace
Pulls me through each trail
Your amazing kisses makes
Everyday worthwhile

I dream of your eyes
A flawless, radiant blue
And your kind look makes me
Realize our love is true

Each summer we spend
Every day together
Each night I think only of you
And know we will be forever

Your contagious laugh keeps me
Upbeat when I'm distressed
Your kindness is unbearable
And I must confess

I am nothing without you
Because you make me more'
More than the shy girl
Who had nothing to live for

But now I do live
Because you came along
You took me by the hand
And led me to where I belong

Before I wouldn't open up to anyone
I was the plain girl with the gray eyes
But you came into my life
You gave me (and everyone) a surprise

You were perfect in every way
And I was just me
But as odd a couple as we were
It was the way we were supposed to be

You loved me for who I was
Not for how I looked
No one had ever really seen me
But after our first kiss I was hooked

You gave me something to hope for
You gave me reason to smile
You told me we had an eternity
And you would love me the whole while

You said I was perfect
In every kind of way
You said I was amazing
And that I brightened up your day

But it is quite the opposite
That's how you are for me
You are so faultless
You're almost like a dream!

So now, as your eyes sparkle
Like the diamond ring you hold
I start to cry and wonder how I'd gotten
To the fairy tale ending, of what I'd been told

I take the ring from your fingers
And out hands meet
I feel a sudden burst of love
With you, I am complete

We kiss, and fireworks seem to explode
But I think only of you
Our love will hold us together
Even if we fight we'll pull through

Our love is never ending
And it is with him that I'll spend my life
Our love will grow stronger by the day
Soon I'll be your wife

You'll take me, gently, by the hand
You lead me, and I will follow you
I will stand beside you
No matter what you do

You are my best friend
And my inspiration
I owe everything to you
Because you are also my motivation

You were true to me
So I'll be faithful to you forever
This is how fate wills us to be
Always, always together

The author's comments:
this is fiction, but this is the romance i picture for myself! :D

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