Hello Bright Skies

February 21, 2009
By Yaters BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
Yaters BRONZE, Toledo, Ohio
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"Writing has always been a constant escape for me. A lot of horrible things have happened in my life, and without the ability to write my feelings down and communicate them with a melody; they essentially would have blown up inside of me, for all I know." Cady Groves

Hello bright, skies don't go just yet because I don't wanna forget the way your light gleams in her eyes.
Hello bright skies stay for a while you always make her smile and she needs that right now. Sometimes I think she's forgotten how until you reappear again, Night time has never been her friend,
Sleep never comes too easy.
So, hello bright skies please believe me that I love you just as much.
With that touch of a glow you've been putting in her skin,
Being with her is such a lovely sin.
Oh where do I even begin.
Hello bright skies,
You are such a friend to her.
I wish you could stay forever,
So she would never fear what's coming in the black still night.
You chase away all of her fright, make her laugh, make her shine. I'm so glad this girl is mine.
I'm gonna marry her underneath her biggest hero,
Her bright skies.
And I'll have tears in my eyes as she dances down the isle with no fear in her heart 'cause we'll never be apart.
Hello bright skies you were there the day she shut her eyes for the last time and you cried too.
I've never seen it rain so hard with lightning bolts that left the earth permanatly scarred.
Hello bright skies, across you she now flies and I could watch for hours and pretend it will never end.
I'm glad that she's found a place where she can feel safe,
Forever wrapped up in her bright. skies

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