young love

February 21, 2009
By SETH KOHUT SILVER, Springfield, Ohio
SETH KOHUT SILVER, Springfield, Ohio
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her name is hannah
to me, she is my best friend
to the world that doesnt know her
she is a young hippy
they turn her away with out even getting to know her
this girl is a world just on her own
and in that world of hers there are people just like her
they all love each other
they sing at the top of there lungs
trying to get people to notice
what they have to say
but in that world there is no one to lisen
no one to here this shy little girl
no one to hold this little girl and tell her that they love her
but little does anyone know
there is a young boy names brad
who is the warm that will get
this little girl out from the cold
this little boy is a boy who can hear
hannah all the way from his own little world
and then like a light switch
they see each other and that love startes
to young little teens come together
both with differents worlds
to make one big world where no one is ever cold
and everyone always has someone there to hear them
and hold them so they never have to worry about
being alone again

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