February 21, 2009
By Jia Mei Huang BRONZE, Flushing, New York
Jia Mei Huang BRONZE, Flushing, New York
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Take a good look at the world around us't,
See how the Earth isn't a perfect sphere.
And how we've all come to betray her trust,
So now she's tryin' hold back on that tear.

Look at how we've stamped our ugly mint,
Blemishing her once lovely, flawless skin.
It was too big to be a baby's footprint,
Too painful to be a prick of a pin.

Our eyes we paint over with our hands,
Pretend to be innocent beggars blind.
"The footprint can be blown away by sand,
The pinprick will heal with no time or min."

Children will know with scorn and appall,
Late, tomorrow's children, than none at all.

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