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February 21, 2009
By SETH KOHUT SILVER, Springfield, Ohio
SETH KOHUT SILVER, Springfield, Ohio
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you think no one loves you
you think your all alone
you think that life sucks and that u should just give up.
just let me in
i wish u would lift your haed up so u could see me.
i wish u would give me a chance to show u how much love i have for u
i wish you would let me in your life.
just let me in
see the light that is shinning on you
see the happness we could have
see the great times we will have
just let me in
cant u see i would do anything for you
cant u see we could be
cant u see that i LOVE YOU!!!
just let me in


The author's comments:
i wrote this about a girl who always thought that no one loved her and that no one there for her. well she was so blind that she did not see that i loved her so much

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