the World and Me

February 21, 2009
Kids are smiling, laughing, playing,
And among their faces is mine.
The short, quiet one, happy in silence,
Friendly and caring, but a small person.

Five ten-year-olds standing timidly
As we're introduced to the New World.
I'm there, still shy and quiet.
But there, I'm a bit smarter, less vulnerable.

Sixth grade, and I'm not a new person yet.
See the New Kids, guide them through the World,
While I live my fantasy, racing down
This beautiful path of life.

Twelve is the age as I learn about sadness.
Tears like rain begin to fall
From the sky, and I realize that they're
My tears. But I need to learn to be strong.

Thirteen. My heart is growing faster than I realize,
But my face is frozen by the judgments of others.
I'm still here; you know I care as much as ever.
But I can't let them know that their words affect me.

And I might still seem scared and shy and quiet.
But you've probably never even seen my heart.
I know I'm brave and strong and beautiful,
But life has given me a smiling, frozen face.

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