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February 21, 2009
By maybeme595 SILVER, Woodbury, Connecticut
maybeme595 SILVER, Woodbury, Connecticut
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It's okay to be angry and never let go, it only gets harder, the more that you know. When you get lonely if no one's around, you know that I'll catch you when you're falling down. -Yellowcard

Kids are smiling, laughing, playing,
And among their faces is mine.
The short, quiet one, happy in silence,
Friendly and caring, but a small person.

Five ten-year-olds standing timidly
As we're introduced to the New World.
I'm there, still shy and quiet.
But there, I'm a bit smarter, less vulnerable.

Sixth grade, and I'm not a new person yet.
See the New Kids, guide them through the World,
While I live my fantasy, racing down
This beautiful path of life.

Twelve is the age as I learn about sadness.
Tears like rain begin to fall
From the sky, and I realize that they're
My tears. But I need to learn to be strong.

Thirteen. My heart is growing faster than I realize,
But my face is frozen by the judgments of others.
I'm still here; you know I care as much as ever.
But I can't let them know that their words affect me.

And I might still seem scared and shy and quiet.
But you've probably never even seen my heart.
I know I'm brave and strong and beautiful,
But life has given me a smiling, frozen face.

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