Welcome to Dr. Maverick's Tedious Merry Go Round!

February 21, 2009
By Tia Balthrop BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Tia Balthrop BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Direction is useless and time is irrelevant
I hope you weren't planning on going anywhere
Since your time here will be lengthened to a great extent
And a short stay is undeniably rare

However, if to leave is the goal you wish to have
Supply you I will with some tips, but first
I warn you that you picked the hardest wish of the wishes to have
And it will no doubt soon cause your mind to burst

Nonetheless, let's get on with the clues
Since with most, time is not something to loose
That is the first thing you must discard of
Numbers on a clock will not help you fly free of this coop like a dove

North, south, east, and west
Which way to go, which is the best?
You should try all of them, just to make sure
Although it won't really help if it all seems like a blur

You could try using a compass
Because I am sure you are oh so pompous
As to still believe that there must be some reason to this insane place
But I assure you, you are mistaken in this case

Upside down and down is up
(Go left and right and oh, left again)
Round and round, but the time is up!
Are you even sure you can still count to 10?

Your mind is going and your senses fail
You have to get out before you derail
There must be a way, a method, a formula
And you're right! Here it is- there is no end!
Everything goes round and round like a hula!

So there it is and there it is again
Even if you hate receptiveness, it will soon become you friend
In your endeavor to escape, everything you see once you'll see again and again
Oh wait, I lied there is a way to conquer this endless end
But don't just yet put your worries to a mend

The reason behind it is that to leave, you must leave your reason
There is no science and no logic to chaos
Only twisted humor and enough to make you pause

Directions and logic can be ambiguous, although they seem simple
Right could be up and up could be Wrong
Who decides this nonsense and why do you follow if it's not your own song?

That is the key to this merry go round,
the one to make it stop and have everything become clear
Erase your mind of other's knowledge found
And figure it out on your own, follow you intuition, and I promise you'll be near

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