Fear of Death

February 21, 2009
By Tia Balthrop BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
Tia Balthrop BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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There are some who fear the impending darkness
Some who deny the end to light
Then there are those who believe this life is nothing less
Than a short stop on a never-ending flight

I cannot say who is wrong and who is right
For I was not gifted with that sort of sight
But I can tell you what you want to hear
And that is that the end is no where near

For all those who tremble in their boots at the thought of the ultimate unknown
Have no fear, for there is more after this shed of skin and bone
More tears to cry, more love to give
More knowledge to gain, More life to live

Death is only the birth of another life
Lurking in that darkness is only another light
Put an end to this exhausting, endless mental strife
And quell your fears of an eternal night

But after all, this is only what you wanted to hear
It is not reality, truth, and will not reveal
The question that is the substance of your fear
Is this life or is death our seal?

In the end, all you really can do is hope and pray
that this death is the end of this existence and not the ultimate finale
Of course, you won't really be around to say
But we'll look for signs from you that there is more than this short valley

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