It's A Lie

February 21, 2009
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Inside our broken battered beaten dreams die.
It's a lie!
Is the horrid helpless hopeless question we ask.
Do tell me of the dreary droning darkened days,
That are supposedly worse than mine!
It's a lie!
It's a lie!
How does it compare with mine?
Do you see the tears in my eyes?
Do you witness all the worthlessness that passes through my skin?
Do you see all the torn down dreams of my life?
It's a lie!
The happy glowing gracious gorgeous giddy glad and glassy image
The beauty blessed solace peace and divine nature
It's a fake!
And I can't seem to brake the days apart!
My dreams slip farther into depths where grief is all that remains.
It's a wretched roaring wrong and raw inferno that I can't escape and it's a loss!
It's a losing lonely let-down game and that's the best of all!
And the horrid hellish brutish bashing the whip of hate the relentless lashings it's all the same!
After all this who knows my name?
After all the effort put into the endless enduring pain,
All I'm left with is a worthless name!
The twists the turns terror that burns toppling trembling weak and lending my light unto a dark and dreary daydream of a life!!!
It's a lie!!!
I have tried, I have tried, I have tried, to defy!
It's a lie, It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie!
I can't fight, it's a lie!
I will cry and I will die inside!
It's a lie! I can't defy it any more than you can stop tears from your eyes!
So you may fly and may live high
Above the sorrows that I know!
I have tried to live that way!
I can't do it another day!
I have no energy left for'
I completely ignore'
From now on,
I stop trying to be strong!
It's a lie!
It's all a lie!
It's all a lie!
You are all living lies!

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