The Old Scars

February 21, 2009
By Melissa Bueno BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Melissa Bueno BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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cried, because i was sad, i cried because all the pain I had.
I look up, and notice what i hadnt seen before.
I know this girl. and Ive seen her before.
I remember her, how she was sad, and on the contrary, im always glad
I look deep in to her brown eyes, I see her tears, I hear her cries.
I see her little smile and at the same time it drops in denial.
Remembering the past she sees behind her mask. memories are not departed, never will they be forgotten.
She forgot who she was looking at long ago.
Thought that she was happy, but never was anymore.
But it didnt matter either way, she would always wear a mask.
She hoped those memories would stay in the past.
The next day she would walk into school and sit in her chair. nobody would stare. Nobody really cared.
The thought she felt superior, but they didnt see her interior.
She learned that you always have yourself.
Thats how she felt.
In the end, one day she would be right. All she had to do was hold on tight.
She had lived her whole life remembering the past, trying to let good memories last.
But days will pass by. Her memories soon will fade in the darkness and she will learn to take off her mask

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