February 20, 2009
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I moan of the thought of what happened yesterday,
I glance at my blue polka dotted pillow drenched by my tears acting like waves crashing on a shore.
But I really question what horrible thing happened yesterday that turned the open button on my water gates in my eyes,
My thought twisted as I remembered that it was a late warm summer day and I was with the only boy I adored.
He had sandy blond hair that glistened in the sun and puppy dog brown eyes that could plead with anybody.
Now in my own light blue eyes I visualize him as a devil child.
A devil child that ripped my heart, slaughtered my every hope, and cheated with my emotions.
A tear glided freely down my pale cheek as I recalled the brutal events that occured yesterday but froze in time because through the agony of my break up, I knew that what happened the day before was only yesterday.

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