in this bubble of time

February 20, 2009
By jessica salazar BRONZE, Longbeach, California
jessica salazar BRONZE, Longbeach, California
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tonights the night
we dive into heaven
so will you follow me to paradise?
will you take me someplace i'm not alone?
to be held at night
craddled when in frite
to kill the fears
my heart distills
but know that were threw
and there is no me and you
i still have so much faith
i could never tell you the things i felt until it was too late
so the words are cold and left unspoken
at the very tip of my tongue
in my pregnant mind
well heres the thing
when are we meant to let go?
to freefall into a pile of leaves
and never get hurt
but still
i'm stuck with scrapes on my knees
so you say control yourself
take hold and let the pieces settle
control yourself
don't make this scene bigger
take a breath if it's your last
but promise me that even when your gone
that being lonely is just a faze
a passing moment
because hands are meant to be held
our hearts are meant to be healed
and life is meant to be lived
even when were in despair
don't turn out the light
because the spark died

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