Last Hour

February 20, 2009
By natalie_loves_rain BRONZE, Alta Loma, California
natalie_loves_rain BRONZE, Alta Loma, California
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I am not afraid of you.
Sit across from me and bare your teeth
all you like.
I'm not going to move.

I am done with whispering the
I am done with secrets.
Take my body,
finger by finger and
don't you dare bring me back.

You know, I never cared
about the bruises.
You didn't hurt me with the scars.
I was always the sky
I was always raining
I was the pink of evening
And I was only sore about what I might
miss later.

My life was fast in that
one hour, and I had time to think through
all of this
as I lay there.
It was a gathering of moments
of memories.
It was my final hour, my finest

I knew myself then.
Really, truly

It was stunning.
I was beautiful.

The author's comments:
My cousin had cancer for a long time. It's what I imagine she might've felt in that last hour-- what she was thinking at the disease, what she remembered of her life, how she came to know herself. I hope she did know herself in the end. She really was beautiful.

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